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Top 5 Movies to Watch While Learning Spanish

Posted at: 23 October, 2020

What if sitting down to relax and enjoy a film could count as studying? Check out our top five Spanish movie recommendations to add some fun to your language learning! 

Top 5 Dramas To Watch If You're Learning Korean!

Posted at: 16 October, 2020

Why not combine your love of Netflix with your love of Korean? To give you a push in the right direction we’ve compiled our top 5 favourite Korean dramas, so make sure you check them out!

#ThinkLanguages 2020 Registrations Now Open!

Posted at: 25 September, 2020

We’re very happy to announce that registrations for #ThinkLanguages 2020 are now open! This year we’re going to help TY students bring languages to life in schools all over Ireland on 7th December!

Euroguidance Competition

Posted at: 24 September, 2020

As part of our celebrations of European Day of Languages, we have teamed up with NCGE/Euroguidance Ireland to launch a competiton for Senior Cycle students. Prizes include an iPad for the lucky winner and an Interpreting Session their whole class!

European Day of Languages

Posted at: 22 September, 2020

We’re celebrating European Day of Languages on Saturday 26th SeptemberEurope enjoys a rich diversity of languages and cultures with 24 official EU languages, along with 200 other European languages. So, there’s lots to celebrate!  

Say 'Yes' to Korean

Posted at: 7 September, 2020

Say ‘Ne 예’ to Korean and explore the vibrant and eclectic culture, from k-pop to kimchi and the tech industry, there is much to discover. Learn some useful phrases, win prizes and lots more.

#ThinkLanguages 2020 - Request for Information Survey

Posted at: 2 September, 2020

Calling all MFL Teachers and TY Coordinators – we need your help to make #ThinkLanguages 2020 happen! Please fill out our survey so we can understand how best to do so.

Culture Night 2020 - Virtual Language Taster Classes

Posted at: 2 September, 2020

Try out a new language on Friday 18 September with free Taster Classes. This year Culture Night is going virtual so you can join from the comfort of your own home!

Say 'Yes' to Lithuanian

Posted at: 31 August, 2020

Discover one of the world’s ancient languages and Say ‘Taip’ to Lithuanian! 

Capture your imagination this week with an early festive feast, shooting hoops with world-renowned basketballers, quizzes and much more.

Say 'Yes' to Chinese

Posted at: 24 August, 2020

Looking for a language that can unlock international opportunities for work and travel? Then Say ‘是 Shì’ to Chinese! Explore tea ceremonies, pick up some essential greetings, find out about free Leaving Cert classes and lots more.

Bilingualism - Getting the best of both worlds

Posted at: 21 August, 2020

As part of our Say ‘Tak’ to Polish week, Martyna Matys shares her experience of moving to Ireland from Poland as a child. She explains the challenges, but also the many benefits of growing up in Ireland while staying strongly connected to her Polish heritage.

Say 'Yes' to Polish

Posted at: 17 August, 2020

Say ‘Tak’ to Polish and celebrate one of the most fascinating cultures and languages of Central Europe.

From beauty industry insights to beet soup, join us for quizzes, cooking tutorials, vocabulary boosters and more.

Say 'Yes' to Romanian

Posted at: 10 August, 2020

Say ‘Da’ to Romanian this week and discover delicious dishes,  summer camp fun and exhilarating sports.  Join us for some exciting online activities to connect with the rich culture, build vocabulary, win prizes and more.

Say ‘Yes’ to Languages Throwback

Posted at: 3 August, 2020

Excited to show off your language skills? Then it’s time to Say ‘Yes’ to Languages Throwback! Eight quizzes take place throughout the week with fantastic prizes up for grabs including vouchers worth up to €150.

Say 'Yes' to German

Posted at: 27 July, 2020

Say ‘Ja’ to German and celebrate the most widely spoken native language in the European Union.

Fairytale landscapes, morning coffee treats, engineering career opportunities and working with German at Google are just some of the highlights that await online this week.

Say 'Yes' to Arabic

Posted at: 20 July, 2020

Say ‘Nem نعم’ to Arabic! Get to grips with the fifth most spoken language in the world this week and explore a culture of fragrant spices, amazing career and travel prospects and lots more.


Say 'Yes' to French

Posted at: 13 July, 2020

Say ‘Oui’ to French! From sumptuous treats to fashion industry insights, Say ‘Yes’ to French Week is full of fun. Brush up on vocabulary and discover more about the culture of glamour, gourmet food and lots more.

Lithuanian, Polish and Portuguese Online written support

Posted at: 7 July, 2020

Free online Leaving Cert essay writing support for 6th year students of Lithuanian, Polish and Portuguese.  

Say 'Yes' to Portuguese

Posted at: 6 July, 2020

Say ‘Sim’ to Portuguese this week and follow in the footsteps of 260 million speakers worldwide.

Take part in some fun activities online to connect with the rich Portuguese culture, learn some greetings, grow your vocabulary and more.

It started in Siberia...

Posted at: 3 July, 2020

Sorcha tells us how she became interested in learning Russian and shares some fascinating insights into the many opportunities that learning Russian can bring. These include some Siberian adventures, returning to study at Trinity and volunteering with homeless migrants.