#ThinkLanguages TY Event

Thursday 17 November 2022

#ThinkLanguages TY Event

#ThinkLanguages 2022

#ThinkLanguages is back for its 5th year! Our flagship event will take place in schools nationwide on Thursday 17 November 2022

School planning is now underway in around 180 schools nationwide. With 15,000 TY students registered, this year is set to be the biggest #ThinkLanguages ever!

TY students from right across Ireland will join in a celebration of languages and cultures. Enjoy inspirational talks, fun language-filled workshops, and compete against schools nationwide in our interactive #ThinkLanguages Quiz. 

Click on our interactive map to see if a school near you is taking part – they may be looking for interesting speakers or workshop facilitators to get involved!

Next Steps for Registered Schools

To support schools with their preparations, registered schools have been sent preliminary event planning packs. The Champion Team Handbook will help guide students and teachers through what can be done before, during and after the event. Posters to promote the day in the school and beyond are also included in the pack. The pack, and additional planning resources, can also be downloaded here 

A mix of supports including a pre-recorded opening ceremony with inspirational speakers, online language workshops, and a selection of live workshops will also be made available for the events nationwide. For more info on what happened in previous years, click here

Live workshops will be allocated at the end of October and full event packs will be delivered to registered schools at the start of November.

NB: If you have registered and have not received an email regarding follow-up details, contact thinklanguages@ppli.ie

Want to know more?

• The links and passwords for the Opening Ceremony, Interactive Quiz and pre-recorded workshops will be sent to all registered schools on Monday 14 November

• Get inspiration from schools involved in #ThinkLanguages over the last four years here

• Lots of help and resources for planning #ThinkLanguages in your school are available here

• We have a Facebook group for teachers in registered schools to exchange ideas and ask questions. You can join in the conversation here

• Follow Languages Connect on social media for all the latest ideas and updates! You’ll find us on TwitterInstagram and Facebook. 

• We also have a playlist on our Youtube Channel that will inpsire you with lots of workshop ideas!

• Check out our FAQs page

• Could your team be the #ThinkLanguages Champion Team of the Year 2022? Find out more about the competition here.

• If you have any further queries, please contact us.

Three male students pose with #ThinkLanguages at #ThinkLanguages 2020

Fun & Enriching TY Experience

We’re calling on TY students, TY coordinators and MFL teachers to manage their own local events. Languages Connect will provide online support and event management kits including Student and Teacher Guides, posters and promotional material for the day.

A pre-recorded opening ceremony, fun interactive quiz and range of online workshops in many different languages are also available to all schools. Live workshops will also be allocated to many schools nationwide.

#ThinkLanguages Champion Team

The first thing you’ll need to do is appoint a #ThinkLanguages Champion Team of TY students and a #ThinkLanguages Team Lead (TY Coordinator or MFL Teacher) to help organise your event. Teams can compete for the National Award of #ThinkLanguages Champion Team of the Year 2022 and win a fantastic prize for your school.

How to Think Global and Act Local for #ThinkLanguages?

Why not showcase the languages that are spoken in your school and used in your community? Explore how people use different languages in their lives, workplaces and families.

You can even get the Home Economics students to cook food from different countries and learn some new vocab that way! 

Maybe this year your team could get the local Primary School involved in some way?