Open Night Toolkit

Say 'Yes' to Languages Open Night Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to help encourage incoming students to Say ‘Yes’ to Languages when choosing their subjects for Junior Cycle. Included in this toolkit are a selection of ideas and resources, including the following;

-Tips for hosting open days/nights in your school for incoming first years and their parents.
-Ideas for engaging the students and their parents with games and online activities.
-Language passport designed to give students confidence in their capacity to learn foreign languages.
-Language specific activities for the four main curricular languages taken in Junior Cycle. 

Front cover of Say Yes to Languages Open Night Toolkit Cover

The toolkit also allows for bespoke activities, these activities and games can be done in an online context as well as face to face. It also includes brochures for parents/guardians with information on the potential benefits of learning each language. 

Hard copies of the toolkit have been sent to all post primary schools. If you haven’t seen it yet – check with your MFL colleagues or let us know.

'Language teacher introduction' poster

Share teacher’s language learning journey and the many benefits and opportunities that choosing languages brings to enrich lives, travels and careers.

'In our school community we speak' poster

Use this poster to highlight all the languages that are spoken by the school community during the day at school and at home with family.

'At the cinema abroad' activity poster

Instructions for teachers for this fun activity are included in the toolkit. Get students to recognise film titles ina foreign language and match them to the poster.

animation of students sharing the benefits of learning a language through speech bubbles

'Skills linked to learning a language' poster

Display this poster to showcase various skills and benefits that students can acquire from learning a language.