Fun with Languages

Fun with Languages

There are so many ways to engage with languages and improve your skills.  It doesn’t matter if you learn through games or traditional written tests, there’s an app out there to suit your language learning needs. Streaming platforms have made access to TV, movies and music from all over the world readily available.  Engaging with social media in your target language can vastly improve your skills. See our recommendations below from language apps, playlists, social media, movies, reading, fold-outs and more.

Language Fold-Outs

Download and print out a fun language fold-out in any of ten languages. It’s a great way to learn some useful vocabulary such as greetings, colours, seasons, numbers and more. There are some games and activities to challenge yourself and help your learning. Find a fold-out in your target language here

Language Apps

Whether you’re a beginner or looking to improve your language skills, there is an app to help you. 

  • Lingodeer is recommended overall for reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.
  • Babbel is useful for vocabulary and phrases.
  • Memrise can help improve pronunciation and listening skills.
  • Hellotalk connects you to native speakers and can help you learn through conversation.
  • Duolingo helps to build vocabulary and practice through games.
Top 5 Language Learning App Animation
Girl with headphones enjoying polish songs

Languages through music

Can Karaoke count as studying? Singing along with the words in your chosen language can help both your pronunciation and your long term memory. Whatever your taste in music, there are so many great songs to be heard in different languages. Check out our Music Playlists for some top recommendations to get you started.

Languages through TV and movies

When learning a language, the most important thing is to engage with it regularly.  TV series and movies allow learners to do this, presenting authentic speech often with colloquialisms unique to that language, while also giving you an insight into some aspects of the culture.

Click here for some Top 5 TV and Movie Recommendations to add to your must-watch lists.

Girl sitting on couch watching spanish movies

Languages through social media

Language learners can find so much value on social media and according to their hobbies and interests. Skills can be vastly improved simply by subscribing to social media accounts run through your target language. Whether you’re a gamer, a future MUA or a foodie, there is an account in your chosen language to follow. Click here for some recommendations.

Languages through reading

Reading is such a helpful way to increase exposure to a language, develop your vocabulary and grow more comfortable around grammatical structures and common phrases.

We have put together some reading recommendations in a variety of languages and genres for all different age groups. Click here to find a reading list to get you started.

Want to learn a little Japanese?

Try our new game and learn some useful Japanese language basics and essential phrases to get you started

Japanese Language Game Still