Leaving Cert Information Sessions

Need more information deciding on Leaving Cert Languages?

Are you a student or parent who would like to know more about studying Chinese, Lithuanian, Polish or Portuguese for the Leaving Cert? 

Languages Connect is organising a series of online information sessions to help students and parents become familiar with the new Leaving Cert curriculum and also learn about language classes available for students and funded by the Department of Education.

Information sessions for parents and students

Online information sessions will take place as follows:

Lithuanian information session: Monday, 20th March. To register click here.

Polish information session: Monday, 17th April. To register click here.

Chinese information session: Wednesday, 19th April. To register click here.

Portuguese information session: Thursday, 11th May. To register click here.

Information session for Guidance Counsellors 

We are holding two information sessions for Guidance Counsellors on Wednesday 29th March to provide key information about new and lesser-taught curricular languages and to give support and provide resources available for guidance.

Online information sessions will take place as follows:

Wednesday, 29th March 13.30. To register click here.

Wednesday, 29th March 19:00. To register click here

For more information about Guidance Counsellor resources click here.