Guidance for Parents

Expand your child’s horizons

Guidance for Parents

Expand your child’s horizons

Help your child build confidence and gain life skills

Whether your child is doing a language course, a school exchange or connecting with other language learners, they will develop many personal and professional connections throughout their language learning journey.

Knowing more languages will:

  • Enrich understanding of other cultures and people
  • Benefit cognitive development and social skills
  • Broaden and enrich their circle of friends
  • Develop lifelong learning skills – problem-solving, adaptability, resourcefulness and communication

Open up your Child's World with Foreign Languages

Learn about the key benefits of your child learning foreign languages.

Guide for Parents and Guardians

Explore our guide for parents and guardians to see what supports we can offer for language learning.

New curricular languages available to Leaving Cert students

For information on each new curricular language including specification, supports and assessments, click on the individual language below.