#ThinkLanguages Competitions

#ThinkLanguages Competitions

Could your team be the #ThinkLanguages Champion Team of the Year 2022?

Can your team put on the best event nationwide? Will your team go above and beyond to promote and celebrate languages in your school this #ThinkLanguages 2022?

If you think this could be your team, be sure to enter the #ThinkLanguages Champion Team of the Year 2022 competition and be in with a chance of winning a great prize that all of TY can enjoy together.

What can you win?

The winning Champion Team will be awarded the #ThinkLanguages Champion Team of the Year trophy as well as live workshops for their entire TY. The interactive workshops will run over a full day, live and in person, and will provide a fully immersive language experience.

The winning team will have the opportunity to choose some of the activities and languages they wish to engage with.

Last year’s winners, St Conleth’s Community College in Newbridge, Co. Kildare enjoyed a wide range of languages and activities at their full day of workshops. This included learning how to write and introduce themselves in Arabic, an energetic session of Korean and Taekwondo, trying their hand at Japanese Cuisine, learning Italian and even attempting the Viennese Waltz through German! Their #ThinkLanguages Champion Team trophy currently sits proudly in their trophy cabinet.

How do I enter the #ThinkLanguages Champion Team of the Year 2022?

You need to capture a snapshot of the day by creating a mini collage of photos, and facts and figures from your #ThinkLanguages event. Some of the details to include are:

• The name and location of your school
• The number of students that took part in #ThinkLanguages 2022
• Some nice photos (we recommend 3-6 max)
• Some short headlines that describe what happened on the day

We will be looking for entries to highlight how their event captured some of the key themes of #ThinkLanguages 2022 which are:

> Think Understanding Diversity: Finding out about languages spoken in your school and community.
> Think Improving Well-Being: Including all TYs in the event and maybe reaching out to other years within the school.
> Think Global Work Opportunities: Organising for current or former students/parents/local community members to offer workshops and talks to share their experiences and language learning journeys.
> Think Greater Life Experiences: Creating enthusiasm about languages throughout the school.
> Think Boosting Life Skills: Gathering examples of how languages have helped members of the local community.
> Think Wider Circle of Friends: Encouraging all TY students to discover more about the different cultures and languages of their classmates

All schools who take part in #ThinkLanguages 2022 and submit their Champion Team entry within one week after their event will be eligible for the National #ThinkLanguages Champion Team of the Year 2022 competition. Entry forms will be available here in November.

The winning school will be informed in January 2023.