#ThinkLanguages Competitions

#ThinkLanguages Competitions

There are fantastic prizes up for grabs to celebrate #ThinkLanguages 2021. See all the details below on the main #ThinkLanguages National Champion Team Award and other competitions for schools and individual students. Best of Luck!

#ThinkLanguages National Champion Team Award 2021

Prize: The school that wins the Champion Team Award will have the opportunity to enjoy a full day of live workshops in their school for everyone in TY. This is a great way to keep the atmosphere, fun and excitement of #ThinkLanguages going right into 2022!

Deadline for entries: 17th December

How to Enter: The 2021 winning Champion Team will be chosen based on the #ThinkLanguages themes under the following criteria:

#Think Understanding Diversity: Finding out about languages spoken in your school and community.

#Think Improving Well-Being: Including all TYs in the event and maybe reaching out to other years within the school.

#Think Global Work Opportunities: Organising for current or former students/parents/local community members to offer workshops and talks to share their experiences and language learning journeys.

#Think Greater Life Experiences: Creating enthusiasm about languages throughout the school.

#Think Boosting Life Skills: Promoting the event within the local community.

#Think Wider Circle of Friends: Allowing TY students to promote languages to 6th class pupils.

Link for Competition entries will go live on Monday 22nd November

Social Media Competition

Prize: Win an iPad for your school.

Deadline for entries: 17th December

How to Enter: To be in with a chance to win an iPad for your school, share photos or videos of your preparation for #ThinkLanguages and we’ll put you in a draw!

We have sent photoprops, bunting, stickers and lots more so you have plenty of colour to add to your photos.

You could share photos or videos of:

– Your #ThinkLanguages Champion Team preparing for the day
– Your class/hall set-up
– You trying out some new languages
– Local speakers 
– You preparing some international food for the day
– How you are incorporating the 6 themes for the day
– All the action on the big day itself
– Any other promotions you are doing for the event

Entries can be submitted to:

Instagram: @languagesconnect
Facebook: LanguagesConnect.ie
Email: thinklanguages@ppli.ie

Always remember to tag us in any social posts and use our hashtags #ThinkLanguages and #LanguagesConnect 

Mural Competition

Prize: We will send a professional artist to your school and make your design a reality!

Deadline for entries: 17th December

How to Enter:
– Design a mural, on paper, inspired by #ThinkLanguages

– Make sure there is an appropriate wall that can be used for this.

– Make sure your school principal/management are happy for it to be done.

– Get your creativity flowing.

– Make sure to include lots of different languages!

– Keep in mind all of the #ThinkLanguages themes.

Submit your designs to thinklanguages@ppli.ie along with your name, school, language teacher’s name and email address, and your email address and mobile number. 

EIL Intercultural Learning - Individual Competition

Prize: A fully funded 3-month scholarship to a country where the language you are learning is spoken. You will stay with a host family and attend a local school. Emphasis is on full language and cultural immersion. 

Deadline for entries: 17th December.

How to Enter: 

Submit the online Application Form

Email a short submission here in English (video/collage/written) answering the following 3 questions –

1) Why do I want this scholarship? 
2) What difference would this scholarship make to me? 
3) Who else would benefit if I won this scholarship?

Get a referee to submit post/online written reference form

Visit EIL for more details on this prize.

Euro Languages College - Individual Competition

Prize: A 3-week summer residential course in French, German or Spanish. You’ll stay in a boarding school and be fully immersed in your chosen language. There are 5 different locations to choose from – Kildare, Clare, Westmeath, Limerick and Cork. For more info on Euro Languages College courses click here

Deadline for entries: 17th December.

How to Enter: 

Create a 2-3 minute video clip, in a language you are learning, on the theme ‘A Day in the Life’. See Jess Glynn’s A Day in the Life for inspiration.

Submit your entry to thinklanguages@ppli.ie along with your name, school, language teacher’s name and email address, and your email address and mobile number.