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Say 'Yes' to Portuguese

Explore colourful cultures and Say ‘Sim’ to Portuguese

This week, we are saying óla to Portuguese! Have fun with the diverse cuisines and colours of Portuguese-speaking cultures around the world.

With 260 million speakers, Portuguese is one of the top ten languages spoken in the world. Get to grips with the language of Lisbon, Rio de Janeiro and Mozambique.

This marks another exciting week of our Say ‘Yes’ to Languages summer campaign. So far we’ve celebrated SpanishJapanese, Italian and Russian. Say ‘Yes’ to Portuguese week promises to be just as much fun.

What’s happening during Say ‘Yes’ to Portuguese week?

Kick start your Portuguese on Monday

There’s no time like the present to immerse yourself in Portuguese. Learn basic greetings and vocabulary, then try your hand at our interactive quiz.

This week we have also invited a wonderful guest Language Champion, Jess Glynn @itsjessglynn to take part. A travel writer and blogger, Jess will be sharing her insights into learning Portuguese – and how she wished she started younger!

#TastyTuesday is a feast for the senses

Once again, this Tuesday we will be enjoying culinary delights from around the globe – pick up a Pastéis de Nata from Portugal, a brigadeiro e pão de queijo from Brazil or a Cocada from Cabo Verde, and learn some tasty vocabulary along the way!

A wash of colour on Wednesday

Brazil is famous for all the colours of Carnival, Samba and vibrant street art, Portugal for it’s amazing varieties of ornamental wall tiles. This Wednesday, we celebrate all the colours that these exciting cultures bring to us – and all the ways they like to show them off!

Dig a little deeper this Thursday

Think you might be interested in studying Portuguese? From Saturday courses to third level degrees, pinpoint the learning route that suits you this Thursday.

Our Language Ambassador, Daniel also shares his story or learning Portuguese from his parents after moving to Ireland from Brazil at the age of four.

Turn it up on Friday

On Friday things are getting even more immersive. Listen to our specially crafted Spotify playlist and then take part in our big Portuguese quiz. Test the knowledge you’ve picked up during the week. Answer questions on greetings, food, colours and more. If you’re lucky, you might just win a prize.

How can I take part in Say ‘Yes’ to Portuguese week?

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Fast facts about Portuguese

Official language in:

  • Portugal
  • Brazil
  • Mozambique
  • Angola
  • Guinea-Bissau
  • Timor-Leste
  • Equatorial Guinea
  • Cape Verde
  • São Tomé and Principe

260 million speakers worldwide – and only 5% of these are in Portugal!

Study Portuguese in Ireland

Languages Connect will provide Leaving Cert Portuguese Online Support and Saturday Classes for the first time this September. If you’re going into fifth year and interested in studying Portuguese for the Leaving Cert (sitting in 2022), check out more information here.

If you want to study Portuguese in Ireland at third level, take a look at the Languages Connect Careers Portal Language Course Finder to see where Portuguese is the main focus.

Alternatively, mix languages with another subject in these language options courses. You’ll find a total of 138 courses there with Portuguese – so there’s plenty of choice!

Keep learning after Say ‘Yes’ to Portuguese week

Feel like your Portuguese adventure is just beginning? Then we’ve got good news. Continue your learning via our Portuguese hub. You can also get some more language learning inspiration on our Portuguese Youtube Playlist.

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