Why learn Portuguese?

Only five languages have more native speakers than Portuguese at 223 million. The vast majority of Portuguese speakers live in Brazil – the world’s eighth largest economy. It is an official language in nine countries, including Angola and Mozambique, as well as in the Chinese autonomous territory of Macau.

Did you know you can study Portuguese for the Leaving Cert?

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Online Support In Essay Writing

Online written support is being offered for 6th year students wishing to sit the Leaving Certificate Exam in Portuguese as a non-curricular language in 2021. 

What is it? 

For those students in 6th year wishing to sit the Leaving Cert exam in Portuguese and who do not have access to a teacher, PPLI provides an online support service.  

How will it work? 

Students complete an application form. Once the application is processed students are guided to register with Post-Primary Language Ireland e-school and Microsoft OneNote. Students will be able to submit essays to support teachers who will provide corrections and feedback.  

When and where can I register? 

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Portuguese at Third Level

Thinking of studying in any of the fields listed below in university? Consider combining your field of study with Portuguese!

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Cultural richness

Brazil is known for some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, its distinctive Bossa Nova music and a flair for football that has won it five FIFA World Cups.

Portugal, with its dramatic coastlines and unique cuisine, is one of the most popular destinations for Irish holidaymakers. Its capital Lisbon has enjoyed a wave of investment in recent years and become one of Europe’s most popular city-break destinations. Portugal is also known for its agriculture, textiles, ceramics and ship-building.

Fast growing economy

Brazil was the world’s eighth largest economy in 2017 according to the International Monetary Fund. Along with Russia, India and China, Brazil is one of the BRIC economies that most economists agree will drive global economic growth in the coming decades.

Significant market for Ireland

Brazil is a significant market for Irish educational institutions and Ireland has seen significant immigration from Brazil in recent years.

Over 20,000 people said they spoke Portuguese at home in Ireland at the time of the last census.


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