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Say ‘Yes’ to Languages Throwback

Yes! It’s a throwback quiz special this week

With a new language and culture to get to know every week, this summer has been full of excitement. Now we’re taking some time to look back on what we’ve learned with the Say ‘Yes’ to Languages Throwback week.

Action-packed is one way to describe the Say ‘Yes’ to Languages summer campaign. People all over Ireland have taken a virtual trip around the world to pick up new vocabulary and glimpse different cultures.

Next week you can look forward to another new language, but in the meantime, there are plenty of activities and prizes up for grabs during the Say ‘Yes’ to Languages Throwback week.

What’s happening during the Say ‘Yes’ To Languages Throwback week?

Better brush off your vocabulary skills because you can put them to the test this week.

Eight quizzes take place throughout the week and there are fantastic prizes up for grabs. Look out for our social media quiz posts over the next few days. Then challenge two friends in the comments and compete for your chance to win a €150, €50 or €30 voucher.

Monday challenges: Italian and Japanese

Dive into the fun today with a throwback to #ItalianWeek and #JapaneseWeek. The first two weeks of Say ‘Yes’ to Languages back in June kicked off the campaign with a bang.

See what you can remember when you enter a quiz for each language. Relive la dolce vita in Italy and recall Japan’s intriguing mix of old and new.

Enter Spanish and Russian quizzes on Tuesday

Fascinating doesn’t even begin to describe the Spanish and Russian speaking worlds. While español is an official language in 20 countries across four continents, Russia is home to 185 ethnicities. That makes both languages a gateway to discovering lots of cultures.

On Tuesday, reflect on everything you learned during #SpanishWeek and #RussianWeek.

Wednesday goes Portuguese and French

Have a love of Portuguese? Or are you a diehard French fan? Don’t worry, we won’t make you choose. Celebrate both this Wednesday.

Take some time out to refresh your memory on #PortugueseWeek and #FrenchWeek. Then head to our social media channels to take the quizzes.

It’s time for Arabic and German on Thursday

Just a few days ago, #GermanWeek was in full swing. The week before that, it was all about #ArabicWeek. Do you still remember what you learned?

Well then put it to the test, as we throwback to our two most recent languages. Quizzes for both languages go live on Thursday, so make sure you take part for your chance to win great prizes.

How can I take part in Say ‘Yes’ To Languages Throwback week?

Knock yourself out on all the Say ‘Yes’ to Languages Throwback week quizzes on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Need a quick refresher? Remember that you can find content from past weeks when you scroll down through the feeds.

Study languages in Ireland

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Many people combine languages with another subject to give themselves an extra boost. Take a look at what you can choose as a major or elective option.

Keep learning after Say ‘Yes’ To Languages Throwback week

Not ready to stop learning? Find practical tips, immersive activities and vocabulary when you visit Languages Connect.

Or how about getting inspired by a few videos? Check out interviews, school exchanges and more on the Languages Connect YouTube playlist.

Prepare yourself for all the fun of the coming week and the rest of the summer. Follow Languages Connect on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.