Did You Know?


of the world’s population
speak more than one
language – join in here!

Did You Know?


of Irish people cannot speak
a foreign language. Learning
a language gives your child
a valuable life skill.

Did You Know?

Only 6.5%

of the world’s population
are native English speakers.

Go Further with a Language
Foreign language skills will take you on many journeys of discovery, from enhanced career opportunities to experiencing more on holidays, from developing lifelong friendships to being part of communities in Ireland and worldwide Read More >>

Get Started
From Junior Certificate to Third Level courses, from free upskilling courses for teachers to tailored workplace CPD programmes, there’s never been an easier time to learn a foreign language Read More >>

Top 5 Things You Need
To Know

1. Valuable life skill
2. Opens career opportunities
3. Deeper cultural engagement
4. Be part of a globalised Ireland
5. Personal fulfilment and development