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Broaden your students’ horizons with foreign language skills

Work Experience Activity Packs and TY Resource

Help your students make work experience extra beneficial by involving a foreign language. Bring language skills to life at work with our TY and LCA/ LCVP Activity Packs. These Activity Packs give the student an opportunity to explore the role of languages in the world of work. The module below works in conjunction with the Student Packs and can be used by Guidance Counsellors in class after the students have finished work experience.



The Student Activity Packs are designed to help:     

– Learn and use work-related words and phrases in the chosen foreign language

– Boost future career opportunities

– Explore the importance of foreign languages at work

– Understand and connect with other cultures in the workplace


Hard copies of all of these booklets are available to order now for delivery to schools during the first term of the 2021/22 school year. To order copies, click here and fill out the form.

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Guidance Counsellor Resources

Foreign-language skills will be key to the success of Irish industry in the coming years. As non-English speaking countries take a bigger slice of the global economy and Ireland becomes more diverse, languages will give students a distinct advantage. Language learners tend to be better listeners, better able to juggle competing priorities and are more sensitive to diversity.


Secondary School Student Language Learning Supports

Hear what third level students have to say about their language learning journey, how beneficial they have found their experiences, and the important role language skills will play in their future.


The Mobility Guidance Counselling Module

With a growing number of students going abroad to study , either as part of an Erasmus+ exchange or for the entire duration of their degree, the Mobility Guidance Counselling module was designed to provide guidance counsellors with the skills they need to support students in their quest to study, work or volunteer abroad. See here for more information

For information and teaching resources for your school’s MFL Department, see


Languages in my Life Online Activity

Our ‘Languages in My Life’ online activity helps show students how foreign language skills relate to their lives and future careers. Click on the picture below to try it out.


Link to Online Activity - Languages in My Life


Lesson/ Activity Plan

The aim of the task is for students to develop an appreciation of the importance of languages in the workplace. Below is a lesson plan that can be used in conjunction with the ‘Languages in My Life’ online activity in a guidance class. We also have a large range of videos available to view in our Working with Languages and Industry Experts sections.

Working with

Watch and listen to some of the career stories


learn more