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Top 5 Spanish Social Media Accounts to Follow When Learning Spanish

Social media isn’t always just aimless scrolling through cat videos and pranks. There is so much value to be found! You can vastly improve your language skills simply by subscribing to accounts run through your target language. 8% of Internet activity is conducted in Spanish, so you can imagine the plethora of accounts available in every topic under the sun. Whether you’re a gamer, a future MUA or a foodie, there’s an account on this list for you! 

  1. Yuya – YouTube 

Beauty enthusiasts, you will love Yuya. She is a big-time content creator with over 24 million subscribers. If you are into makeup and doing your hair this is the perfect channel for you! She is from Mexico and her voice is clear and easy to understand. Her video “5 PEINADOS PARA ESCUELA/TRABAJO” has over 49 Million views! That’s a good place to start out if you want to check out her channel. 

  1. ElrubiusOMG – YouTube 

Attention gamers! This Spanish-Norwegian YouTuber is an energetic and funny vlogger, so if you’re into video games this is the channel for you. The channel has over 39 million subscribers and it’s full of gaming vocab and Spanish slang. His content features his day to day life and some of his friends as they go on various adventures. He also does game reviews, cheat codes, pranks, and internet trolling videos. 

  1. A3noticias – TikTok 

Antena 3 Noticias is the news programming for the Antena 3 TV channel in Spain. Their TikTok account features short interviews, PSAs, movie reviews and more, all in Spanish. Learn about current events and culture in España while brushing up on your Español. 

  1. Spanishmeme – TikTok 

This account compiles silly memes and writes Spanish captions on them. Try to figure out what the captions mean using the vocabulary you already know and context clues from the video. Hopefully, they’ll amuse you enough that you remember some of the words you pick up. 

  1. Cocina para todos – YouTube 

Cocina Para Todos brings you mouth-watering recipes in an informal, fun tone full of energy and positivity. The host even dresses up as a potato while explaining the history behind the tortilla! The channel’s playlists are organized by ingredients and occasion (for example, Halloween or Christmas), making it easy to navigate through the hundreds of videos. You’ll find fun modern recipes like Oreo donuts and oreo churros. You also have access to countless traditional Spanish recipes, such as tortilla, empanadillas, pulpo a la gallega (Galician-style octopus), gazpacho and other suggestions with ham, cheese and salads.