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Say 'Yes' to Romanian

Onboard for Say ‘Da’ to Romanian week?

Pack your bags and get ready for a virtual trip to Romania and Moldova. Over the next few days, get a taste for the region’s culture and traditions with Say ‘Yes’ to Romanian week.

Quickfire quizzes, study insights, immersive activities – the Say ‘Yes’ to Languages summer campaign has already covered a lot of ground. So far, students have taken a closer look at eight languages, including Italian and Russian. Say ‘Yes’ to Romanian week promises to be just as exciting.

What’s happening during Say ‘Yes’ to Romanian week?

Romania is an intriguing country, with the buzzing capital Bucharest and the epic landscapes of Transylvania. As well as that, there are diaspora all over the world, including a vibrant community in Ireland.

Studying Romanian gives you a window into this culture and its people. As an official language of the European Union, it could come in handy for future careers too.

Take the time to get to know the language during Say ‘Yes’ to Romanian week. With summer camp action, delicious dishes and exhilarating sports, there’s a lot to learn.

Monday undergoes a Romanian transformation

Vocabulary lessons start today as Say ‘Yes’ to Romanian week gets underway. Learn a few essential greetings to kick start the week.

Today you can also meet Romanian Language Ambassador Denisa Schipor. This UCD student is your guide for the fun activities taking place this week.

#TastyTuesday’s wondrous meals

You know you’re in for a treat every #TastyTuesday. Rest assured that Say ‘Yes’ to Romanian week delivers in the culinary stakes.

Tuck into a virtual feast of sarmale (cabbage rolls), mici (spiced meats) and polenta. And don’t forget to save room for dessert because papanași finishes off the meal. This doughnut-based sweet with a creamy filling and topped with sour jam is especially delicious.

Get moving this #WellnessWednesday

After all the indulgence of #TastyTuesday, it’s time to get moving for #WellnessWednesday. Try your hand at the Hora, the traditional folk dance popular throughout Romania and Moldova.

Or if sports are more your thing, take a swing at Oină. With roots going back to the 14th century, this game is a little like baseball and is a thrill to both play and watch.

Thursday’s summer camp special

Check out the fun you can have on the Languages Connect Romanian summer camps. This Thursday you can learn all about what you can get up to there and who you can meet.

Language Ambassador Denisa is also going to be doing a Q&A on Thursday. During this session, she gives tips on brushing up your Romanian and tells you about her Erasmus in Switzerland.

Dive into the big Friday quiz

End of the week traditions don’t get much better than our big quizzes. This Friday, the topic is, of course, #RomanianWeek. As always, you could win cool prizes when you enter.

Friday is also the perfect day to put on our latest Spotify playlist. It goes without saying that this week’s playlist is all about the best Romanian music.

How can I take part in Say ‘Yes’ to Romanian week?

Great question. You can take part in all the online activities during Say ‘Yes’ to Romanian week via the Languages Connect Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Fast facts about Romanian

Spoken in:

  • Romania
  • Moldova

Native speakers: 26 million

Non-native speakers: 4 million

Study Romanian in Ireland

If you’re interested in studying Romanian for the Leaving Cert, you’re in luck. You can register for free Romanian Leaving Cert classes in Dublin or Cork.

Keep learning after Say ‘Yes’ to Romanian week

Even after Say ‘Yes’ to Romanian week is over, there are still a lot of ways to learn. Take a look at our Romanian hub to see what we mean.

Keep an eye on the Romanian YouTube playlist to learn a little more about learning Romanian in Ireland. You can even get a sneak peak into Romanian summer camps in full swing while you’re there.

Look out for the latest updates on Romanian and lots of other languages on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds. New content is added regularly, so make sure you hit follow.