Why learn Polish?

About 20 million people of Polish descent live outside of Poland, making it one of the biggest immigrant groups in the world. Due to the large population of Poles living outside of Poland, the language and culture has spread across the world. Polish is the second most widely spoken Slavic language, and understanding Polish opens doors to a fascinating and deeply rich culture.

Did you know you can study Polish for the Leaving Cert?

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Online Support In Essay Writing

Online written support is being offered for 6th year students wishing to sit the Leaving Certificate Exam in Polish as a non-curricular language in 2021. 

What is it? 

For those students in 6th year wishing to sit the Leaving Cert Exam for Polish and who do not have access to a teacher, PPLI provides an online support service.  

How will it work? 

Students complete an application form. Once the application is processed students are guided to register with Post-Primary Language Ireland e-school and Microsoft OneNote. Students will be able to submit essays to support teachers who will provide corrections and feedback.  

When and where can I register? 

Students can register here 

Polish in Ireland

Census 2016 showed that the Polish community is the biggest national minority living in Ireland with a population of 122,585. Approximately 25,000 of these are children and young people. Across education, there is an imperative to support and capitalise on the multilingual abilities of the social, cognitive and psychological benefits that go with heritage language maintenance.

Short Course in Polish as a Heritage Language

The short course in Polish as a heritage language developed by PPLI aims to maintain and develop students’ proficiency levels in Polish and their knowledge of Polish literature and culture, in order to consolidate and deepen their literacy skills and make them more self-aware as learners. This 100 hour course is based on the Generic Short Course in Modern Languages which was in turn developed using the Framework for Junior Cycle (DES, 2015) and the Junior Cycle Short Courses Draft Handbook ‘Developing Short Courses in Junior Cycle’. The course provides the ‘learning statements’ and key skills which all short courses are based upon.

This short course is designed to stimulate students’ interest in the Polish language and culture and to nurture their desire to maintain proficiency in Polish. It will foster an attitude of curiosity and openness to both the heritage culture (Polish) and the newly acquired culture (Irish), and it will highlight students’ participation in a multicultural, cosmopolitan society. In a multicultural society, it is important that young people have the opportunity to learn about their Polish culture, appreciate similarities and differences, and learn to observe, reflect and suspend judgement when discovering new cultures while simultaneously reflecting on their own. This course offers opportunities to do this.

The specification, assessment guidelines and the learning journal are all available – click here.

Leaving Certificate Polish

Polish is currently offered as a non-curricular Leaving Certificate subject. This is part of a policy of the Department of Education and Skills to offer a Leaving Certificate exam in European Community languages that are not currently on the curriculum.  A new Leaving Certificate curriculum specification is currently being developed by the NCCA.

Na stronie poświęconej językowi polskiemu zamieszczone zostały materiały, mające przede wszystkim pomóc studentom, przygotowującym się do egzaminu dojrzałości z języka ojczystego w irlandzkim systemie edukacji. Znajdują się tutaj testy, ćwiczenia doskonalące umiejętność czytania ze zrozumieniem, a także komponowania krótszych i dłuższych wypowiedzi pisemnych, ponadto wskazówki jak unikać błędów oraz linki do stron internetowych o profilu językowym, kulturalnym i historycznym.

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Polish complementary schools

Information on Polish complementary schools in Ireland is available – click here.

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Specification for Junior Cycle Short Course in Polish as a Heritage Language – click here


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