Guidance for Parents

Expand your child’s horizons with foreign language learning or enhance their connections with heritage language skills

Help your child build confidence and gain life skills

Knowing more than one language will:

  • Enrich your child’s understanding of other, global cultures and people
  • Benefit their cognitive development and social skills
  • Help them to broaden and enrich their personal contacts
  • Develop lifelong learning skills – problem-solving, adaptability, resourcefulness and communication

Whether they are doing a language course, a school exchange or connecting with other language learners, your child will develop many personal and professional connections throughout their language learning journey.

Career Benefits

Languages can transform a career and are increasingly important for success both in Ireland and abroad.

Specialising in foreign languages can lead to your child working as an interpreter, diplomat or foreign correspondent, giving them a front-row seat to watch history unfold.

From finance, to law to engineering, even a basic understanding of a language can lead to rapid promotion and prestigious foreign assignments.

Less than a quarter of the world speaks English. By encouraging your child to learn a language you will help open doors to the other three-quarters – and a world of hidden opportunities.

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Only 6.5%
of the world’s population are native English speakers