Senior Cycle

Senior Cycle

Leaving Cert: 5th and 6th Year

There are lots of options for foreign language learners for the Leaving Cert. As well as FrenchGermanItalian and Spanish, you can take Ancient Greek, Arabic, Hebrew Studies, Japanese or Russian.

In 2020, four more languages – ChineseLithuanianPolish and Portuguese have been added as curricular languages for those who will sit the Leaving Cert in 2022.


Studying Foreign Languages for Leaving Cert outside of school

If you are interested in these languages, but cannot access them within your own school, check out our free Saturday classes. These classes are fully funded by the Department of Education and cover the whole Leaving Cert course over 2 years.


Non-curricular EU languages

You can sit the Leaving Cert in what is referred to as the non-curricular EU languages. These are languages that are not part of the normal school curriculum but students may opt to take if they meet certain criteria. These languages included Latvian, Romanian, Slovenian, Modern Greek, Finnish, Estonian, Slovakian, Swedish, Czech, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Danish, Dutch, Croatian, Maltese. There are a number of conditions attached to these exams. Take a look at the State Exams Commission website for more information.


Working with Languages

Whether you plan to go to college or straight into the workforce, foreign languages can continue to play an important role for you. Hear from people who work in many different industries talk about how they use languages every day in our At Work section. For even more insights and real-life stories from Irish people with foreign language skills, check out our Youtube channel.