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What should I study in college?

CAO Season is here and everyone is asking what’s on yours!


Maybe you’ve known what you wanted to study in college since your first day of school? Maybe your CAO is completely blank because you have no idea what to study? Are you freaking out a little?


Either way, we have teamed up with to bring you a brilliant tool that will help you find the perfect course. Are you ready to make some exciting discoveries?


First, head over to the course search. Next, select the subjects that you think you might want to study. Then, scroll down to the language filters and select the languages you are most interested in. You will see a list of all the courses that allow you to study your desired subject and language together! Culinary Arts with Italian? Or Biological and Biomedical Science with Spanish? Or Economics and Chinese?


If you still aren’t sure what subject to study – don’t freak out, you still have time!  Do your research, go to the open days and choose a course that excites you. Keep in mind that speaking a foreign language will open doors to you in all areas of life. If you choose a course that includes a foreign language you will have opportunities to travel, study and work abroad, giving you a wider world view.


On top of that, the skills gained through language learning go beyond just being able to communicate with someone who doesn’t speak your language. You develop confidence, lateral thinking, risk-taking, problem-solving skills and many more, making you very attractive to employers. Having a foreign language also makes you eligible for many more jobs (in Ireland and abroad) than if you only speak one language.


  • Take a look at our Working with Languages series to hear from real people who have had opportunities open up to them because they had a foreign language.
  • Listen to advice and job market predictions from the Industry Experts. They hear directly from employers about what type of people they are looking to hire (spoiler alert: it’s people with foreign language skills!).


Finally, if you know for certain that college or PLC courses aren’t for you – then there’s no need to stress about the CAO! Do keep foreign languages in mind though. There are plenty of programs and apprenticeships that pair nicely with foreign languages and even offer exchanges abroad.