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UCDictionary Competition!

The UCDictionary Project celebrates multilingualism and empowers students and teachers to embrace and share their language skills whatever they may be. 

 It is a crowd-sourced, multilingual dictionary of special words and phrases from any language. The UCDictionary includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Untranslatable words  
  • Colloquial expressions, slang, and terms from different dialects  
  • Underused words 
  • Neologisms (new words or words invented by members of the community that they would like to share) 
  • Lost words (words that have fallen out of usage that members of the community would like to bring back). 
  • They need your input to ensure the UCDictionary is as diverse as possible! You can submit your special word from any language or dialect here: 

They also have prizes of €50, €30 and €10 for the most exciting/fun/funny/interesting/surprising entries! You can find the competition entry form here: The deadline to win a prize is December 23rd 2020 

Want to learn more? Try playing the UCDictionary Game! This is an online resource that will: 

  • test your knowledge of how dictionaries work 
  • direct you to external links where you can learn more 
  • introduce the UCDictionary and what makes it special 
  • help you contribute your own special word to the UCDictionary 

Play the game here: