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Top 5 Social Media Accounts to Follow While Learning French

How many times a day would you say you use social media? It can be such an asset in the world of language learning. Why not fill your timeline with content in your target language by searching some of your interests in French! To get you started, we have compiled a mix of social media channels to follow from a variety of different interests. Happy scrolling! 

 1. Sananas 

Aspiring MUAs! Why not try out a makeup tutorial in French? Sananas is a beauty blogger that can be found on Instagram and YouTube. She reviews makeup, posts tutorials and shares her daily routines. If you’re looking for a video to get started with, check out her fall vibes tutorial on her YouTube channel, the blend is just unmatched!


2. @laparasian 

Laparasian is a French Asian tiktoker living in Canada with her Canadian boyfriend. Her channel is all about fun and face painting. She discusses everything from makeup to french pronunciation and all her lives and Q&As are done in French. She also does French versions of some classic TikTok POVs and trends!


3. E-penser 

Calling all science enthusiasts! Practice your French with E-penser! This channel is all about the weird and wonderful world of science and technology. He covers a wide range of topics from the big bang all the way to medical advancements around the world! 


4. Squeezie 

French learning gamers, we encourage you to switch your PS4s to French and subscribe to French gaming channels. Squeezie is the top pick of the bunch with 15 million subscribers! His channel is full of laughs with lots of live gaming mishaps.  


5. Naturacademy 

Attention foodie french learners! Naturacademy is a cooking channel run by Benjamin Dariouch that takes the scientific approach to all its recipes. The channel deals with food history and diet culture as well as vegan recipes and healthy dessert options! All his videos are also equipped with English or French subtitles to make following along that much easier.