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Say 'Yes' to Lithuanian

Develop your skills when you Say ‘Taip’ to Lithuanian

Enter the world of an ancient language with Say ‘Yes’ to Lithuanian week. Whether you already speak it at home or you’re simply curious, Lithuanian is a lot of fun to learn.

From French to Chinese, the Say ‘Yes’ to Languages summer campaign takes students through a diverse range of the world’s languages. Say ‘Yes’ to Lithuanian week marks the 12th language and there’s a whole lot in store.

What’s happening during Say ‘Yes’ to Lithuanian week?

Get to grips with Lithuanian this week and discover one of the world’s ancient languages. With similarities to Sanskrit, this is an endlessly interesting subject.

Lithuanian boasts some extremely long words, including nebeprisikiškiakopūsteliaujantiesiems. This 37-letter-long word means a person who gives something to those who can no longer collect wood sorrels. Of course, it might not come in useful day-to-day, but it’s a fun tongue twister!

Head-start on Lithuanian for Monday

It’s straight into the good stuff this Monday with basic Lithuanian greetings content.

Use what you learn to wave sveiki to Gintare Gedmintaite, your Lithuanian Language Ambassador. This DCU Chinese and Spanish student is a native Lithuanian speaker. She’s also going to share lots of tidbits about her language and culture throughout the week.

#TastyTuesday jingle bells

Know someone who wishes it could be Christmas every day? Then tell them they can get a festive fix this #TastyTuesday.

Christmas Eve is the big celebration day on the Lithuanian yuletide calendar. When it arrives, the centrepiece is a feast featuring 12 dishes. Why 12? Each represents a different month of the year.

Find out more about them with an early Christmas cooking lesson from Gintare and her grandmother.

Lithuanian basketball skills on #WellnessWednesday

Did you know that Lithuania is a global basketball heavyweight? This small nation joined the Fédération Internationale de Basketball in 1936 and has been shooting hoops ever since.

The team is ranked 8th in the world and the ball game is a national passion. Discover the secrets to their success during #WellnessWednesday.

Thursday knowledge booster

On Thursday you can learn more fascinating facts about Lithuania. Get into the nitty gritty of the geography of the country. Plus you can also learn more about the intricacies of the ancient language.

As well as that, Gintare is hosting a Q&A that day. She divulges her experiences about growing up in Ireland and how she keeps up her Lithuanian.

Playlist and quizzes this Friday

Quiz time! Friday is always one of our favourite days of the week. However, the big #LithuanianWeek quiz gives us a serious Friday feeling. Enter for your chance to win some pretty spectacular prizes.

Ready for a spot of audio entertainment? Then check out our special Spotify playlist, full of the best Lithuanian music around.

How can I take part in Say ‘Yes’ to Lithuanian week?

Stay up-to-date with Say ‘Yes’ to Lithuanian week via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. New content is added throughout the week, so there’s always something new to learn about Lithuanian.

Fast facts about Lithuanian

  • Spoken by: 3 million
  • Lithuanians living in Ireland: 36,000

Study Lithuanian in Ireland

If you speak Lithuanian at home, then why not take it as a Leaving Cert subject? There’s even free online support available to you, so it’s simple to find out what you need to do.

Keep learning after Say ‘Yes’ to Lithuanian week

Unleash even more practical tips and useful information when you visit the Lithuanian hub. This is where you can find content about the language and keep learning after Say ‘Yes’ to Lithuanian week.

You can also virtually travel to Bremore Secondary School in Dublin via Lithuanian YouTube playlist. Once you’re there, find out what you can get out of short language courses.

When you get a chance, make sure you follow Languages Connect on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. That way, you won’t miss out on new content, competitions and events celebrating Lithuanian and lots of other languages.