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Say 'Yes' to Italian


Say ‘Yes’ to Italian: Taste La Dolce Vita

From the fashion capital Milan in the north to sun-soaked Sicily in the south, Italy is diverse and beautiful. Now is your chance to embrace la dolce vita with Say ‘Yes’ to Italian week.
This is the first week in our Say ‘Yes’ to Languages summer campaign. Every week we will spotlight a new language. We’re kicking things off with Say ‘Yes’ to Italian.

What’s happening during Say ‘Yes’ to Italian week?

Whether you’re new to Italian or want to build your skills, Say ‘Yes’ to Italian is for you. During the week we have lots of fun ways to get to know the culture and language.
Dip your toe into Italian pop culture with iconic films and catchy song suggestions on Facebook and Instagram. If you want to go deeper, delve into subjects Italian speakers are passionate about like food, fashion and motorsports.
When you join in online, you will benefit from the real-life experience of Language Ambassador Lily Lee. This Trinity College Dublin Italian alumna has a series of recipes and tutorials lined up for you.
You can also take part in a Q&A with her to find out more. Then you can learn about the benefits of studying Italian, what living in Italy is like and how to pursue the language yourself.

How can I take part in Say ‘Yes’ to Italian?

It’s really easy to take part in online activities during Say ‘Yes’ to Italian week. If you’re interested, visit the Languages Connect Facebook and Instagram.  It’s all going on there.

On top of that, you can win great prizes like iPads and One4All vouchers. So keep an eye out on our social media accounts to enter quizzes and competitions for your shot at winning.
For even more Italian inspiration, check out our YouTube channel. Once you’re there, find useful tutorials and hear from Irish people who speak Italian daily.

Fast facts about Italian:

Native speakers: 69 million

Non-native speakers: 24 million
Official language in:
● Italy
● Switzerland
● San Marino,
● Vatican City
● Isteria (Slovenia and Croatia)
Most speakers outside Italy: Brazil, with over 4 million speakers

Studying Italian in Ireland

Time to take the next step? Then maybe you should think about an Italian degree. You’re sure to find an option that suits you because universities around Ireland offer a range of courses. From International Commerce with Italian in UCC to Arts with Italian in NUI Galway, check them out here.

More info

For more information on learning Italian, check out our Italian page  or our Youtube playlist Why learn Italian? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all week for more language learning fun.


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