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School Libraries Home Language Book Funding

We would like to encourage all students to maintain their home language. Home languages are part of a student’s identity and heritage. Fluency and skills in a second language will be a useful tool for the student in life to build connections, understand diversity and expand future career choices. If students at your school have a home language other than English or Irish, you can avail of this funding to purchase books for your school library.


How does your school benefit? 

Students – Our school can support students’ literacy and home language skills by providing material in that language. This can also make them feel included and show that their heritage is valued by all. Students can benefit from the library resources if they want to maintain or sit exams in their home language.

Teacher – Your teachers will be able to make use of home language books and other materials, as well as to encourage students to use them.

School Library – Your school library will be more inclusive, diverse and better able to support all students’ home language skills and heritage. This is in line with the Department of Education and Skills National Strategy: Literacy and Numeracy for Learning and Life 2011-2020, which states: ‘We must develop the literacy and numeracy skills of all young people.’

School – The scheme is free of charge.


More info for Primary Schools – Download

More info for Post-Primary Schools – Download