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Guidance counsellor resources

Languages Connect is developing resources for the guidance department in schools. These are available on:

The first resource is an in class activity for senior level students in secondary schools. The aim of the activity is for students to get a better understanding of the utility of foreign languages in the working world and why they should aspire to keep studying foreign languages. The learning outcomes were designed following the NGCE – A Whole School Guidance Framework.

A hard copy of the activity including: the teacher guidelines, student activity, resources and show me boards will be posted to every secondary school guidance department in the new year.

The second resource will be an online interactive activity which can be used in class or independently by students. It will be published in January.  The activity is also designed for senior students and it will allow students to build their personal Language Profile by reflecting on the place of language in their life, in the workplace and in their future. It focuses on the skills acquired while learning a language and how they will fit in any area of work but looking at it according to sectors so that it is tailored to students’ likes and interests.

These will be key for the helping students understand the importance of languages in whatever sector they end up working in.

We always welcome feedback so do not hesitate to contact us at