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The videos take foreign languages out of the classroom and into real life stories of Irish people who have created advantages for themselves by using their language skills in work, travel and everyday life. It also features videos about student events, school language exchanges, competitions and summer language camps – all great ways to boost language skills in a fun and engaging way. It is constantly updated with new and interesting interviews with students, industry experts and a wide range of Irish people using their foreign language skills for work every day.

Student Language Ambassadors  

Students share their motivation for studying foreign languages at third level and their experiences of living and studying in Spain, China and Japan. They discuss how it has boosted their confidence and given them a sense of independence and adventure, as well as opening up many interesting opportunities both personally and professionally.

Working with Languages  

This playlist shows students how versatile and important foreign language skills are across a range of industries. Irish professionals in a variety of careers share their experience of opening up opportunities in Ireland and abroad thanks to their foreign language skills. Whether it’s a career as a ballet teacher, a journalist, a professional rugby player, a tech entrepreneur or a human rights lawyer – everyone here has benefited from their skills and use them every day at work.

Industry Experts 

Heads of Irish business, tourism and trade all share their opinions on the importance of foreign language skills for the Irish economy. Now more than ever, there is a huge demand for people with foreign language skills to work in international institutions, Irish companies trading globally, and international companies based here. Listen to experts from Enterprise Ireland, Trinity College, Tourism Ireland and the Department of Foreign Affairs, the EU Commission and many more explaining why foreign language skills are increasingly essential for Irish people and continued growth of the economy.

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