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Languages at Third Level

The Irish Times recently named language skills as one of the most desirable skills in the Irish job market over the next 10 years. Read more here. Language skills don’t just apply to jobs in teaching and translation, they can be combined with a huge variety of specializations to set you apart from the competition. We have compiled all the possible combinations for a variety of languages below. If you’re in 5th or 6th year and you’re thinking about your future, it would be useful to explore all the avenues available to you. 


There are a total of 141 courses to choose from if you’re considering studying Chinese in Ireland! Whether you’re interested in veterinary science or art and design, there’s a course for you. You can combine Chinese with lots of different specializations and we have them all listed here. Just scroll down to “Chinese at Third level” and explore all your options! 


Japanese learners! How would you like to study Physics and Space Science with Japanese? Or how about Japanese and music? There are 75 courses to choose from. We have compiled all possible Japanese combinations here, just scroll down to “Japanese at Third Level” to see what options you could avail of! 


If you’re interested in studying Spanish, there is a grand total of 220 course options available at a variety of Irish colleges. You could go for the classic combo of Spanish and French or you could decide to combine your Spanish studies with law or medicine. Check out the full range of combination options here. Scroll down to “Spanish at Third Level” to browse the courses.  


French is one of the most popular languages to study in Ireland and because of this, students studying it at Third Level have access to lots of interesting combinations. There are 211 courses available with French in Ireland and you can combine it with anything from architecture to marketing! Browse the available combinations here, you’ll find them listed in the “French at Third Level” section.  


German is a very desirable language to master in the EU and it comes with some great opportunities. There are a whopping 436 courses combinations available for studying German in Ireland with everything from accounting to history. You can view the full range of combination options here in the “German at Third Level” section. 


Are you interested in chemistry? How about the culinary arts? Both these subjects can be combined with Italian, along with another 280 courses where Italian is available as a major, minor or elective! We have listed all possible combinations here in the “Italian at Third Level” section.  


For Russian enthusiasts, Trinity College is the place to be. 14 different courses are offered with Russian and you can choose to specialise in business, international relations and you can even combine your Russian studies with Arabic! The full list of combinations has been put together for you here, just scroll down to “Russian at Third Level”. 


Korean is gradually growing in popularity and the language is now available as a major, minor or elective in 129 courses across Ireland. Both UCC and Trinity offer Korean options and you can combine the language with any number of specializations including engineering, psychology and other languages! Browse the full list of possibilities here. 


Along with the growing number of Portuguese speakers in Ireland came an increase in the number of Portuguese courses available. There are now 134 courses that include Portuguese as a major, minor or elective. You can combine Portuguese studies with anything from agricultural science to drama and the performance arts. Check out the options available to you here, in the “Portuguese at Third Level” section.