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DCU SALIS Competition - Expressing Yourself in COVID Times

The School of Applied Language and Intercultural Studies at DCU is giving TYs the chance to win an iPad and some other great prizes for showcasing their language skills!

You can submit an entry in 3 different ways:

  • TikTok video
  • Video/ Instagram story
  • Comic strip

In your submission you can talk about what you have done to keep up your language skills in lockdown or you can choose any of these topics:

    • My virtual trip to… [another country]
    • My world is multilingual
    • Why do I love languages?
    • I grew up in a bilingual home
    • My favourite recipe of [another country] the cuisine
    • My favourite part of the culture [in another country]
    • Translating my culture into another language
    • My favourite music/dance [in another country]
    • The biggest differences between cultures
    • The worst social/cultural mistake I ever made!

The deadline for submissions is April 30th.

Full details on how to enter can be found here