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There are many cultural, personal and career benefits of learning a foreign language. For the current cohort of 6thyear students, the CAO Change of Mind facility, which is open now, is a great time to consider the extra opportunities opened up by choosing a course that offers a language component.


A Versatile Skill allowing a Change of mind at any stage in life

Today, people change their careers multiple times throughout their lives. Having foreign language skills will provide students with a versatile skill that is useful in any industry, making them adaptable and multifaceted when faced with a career change. If a student has their heart set on Engineering why not add German, or Italian, to put them ahead of the game both in their Engineering career.

Finding the right combo course

Computer Science and Chinese? Criminology and Italian? Use the Languages Connect Filter on Careers Portal Course Search to find the right combination. Here’s a short video that shows how easy it is to use.

Specializing vs Exploring

Choosing to study a language (Major or Minor) will give you sought-after language skills while allowing you to explore different subjects at the same time. You can keep up a foreign language you have been learning, or take up something brand new. Third level is always a great time to start afresh! Language students get to spend time abroad, discovering and learning about their own strengths and interests. They develop a global mindset and skills like confidence and risk taking. By ‘adding a language’ they add so much more to their future career – opportunities that they don’t even realise exist yet.

So many languages – which one to choose?

Languages Connect have compiled some great playlists to help you decide which language is for you. Hear students, teachers, professionals, entrepreneurs and industry experts speaking about the value of learning a foreign language on the Languages Connect YouTube Channel where we have playlists for Why learn Chinese, Spanish,Japanese, German, Italian, Polish and more.


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