#ThinkLanguages Opening Ceremony

#ThinkLanguages Opening Ceremony 2023

Kick Start your day with the Opening Ceremony! 

We hope that you enjoy the video and it gets everyone ready for the day ahead! It’s 30 minutes long, and has lots of bite-sized interviews to inspire every student. 
Just click on the video to preview or click on the button to stream or download to kick off your #ThinkLanguages event.
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The Opening Ceremony for #ThinkLanguages 2023 is better than ever! We have jam-packed it full of inspiring pieces from people in all walks of life who have reaped the benefits of languages skills. Our presenter Maria Schäler chats to them all about their experiences and their tips for success!

Ciara Walsh, who works in marketing and content creation in Italy tells us how her Italian language skills have proven to be a catalyst for opportunities within her life and career. 

James Maher, EU Parliament Official gives us an insight into his life working in Brussels and tells us how his love for German sparked his interest in learning other languages.

Ray Lally, the Happy Fitness Guy provides some language-based moves to get the students up and their blood pumping!

Ervinas Merfeldas, Dancing with The Stars Pro recounts how speaking his heritage language at home and with friends connects him with his family. His language skills have also given him opportunities to connect with his students and help his career.

Clodagh Graham details how speaking Chinese led to a successful career working in both Amazon and TikTok. She gives tips for learning a new language even if you find languages a challenge in school.