Primary Sampler Application

Primary Sampler Application


A grant of up to €1,600 will be payable to schools participating in the module as follows:

– €400 for one classroom
– €800 for two classrooms
– €1,200 for three classrooms
– €1,600 for four or more classrooms

Schools will make arrangements with their identified external teacher/tutor for the payment of their work in exchange for an invoice where relevant. Schools and teachers/tutors can refer to the hourly rates specified by the Department of Education.
Schools using their own staff members to deliver the module will use the grant to fund resources and/or to finance other activities that support the aims of the module.



Before applying, schools should:

– Identify any language of their choice, including Irish Sign Language (ISL).

– Make arrangements to secure a language tutor/teacher (e.g. a classroom-based teacher already working in the school, a language teacher/language assistant from a post-primary school /a member of the school/wider community, including pupils’ parents/guardians) who is proficient in the target language. 

– Decide on the number of classes they wish to apply for, considering that the sampler module is targeted at pupils in 3rd to 6th class, and that, for funding purposes, a classroom combining two year groups will count as one unit.

– Commit to encourage their teacher/tutor to participate in training provided by PPLI. The school’s link person, hosting teachers and management representatives are also encouraged to participate in information sessions provided by PPLI.

At the time of applying, schools will also commit to:

– Deliver the module within specified timeframes (PPLI will advise whether each school will take part in term 1, 2 or 3 within the school year) and for the full number of hours.

– Provide feedback and facilitate school visits by PPLI staff.

– Provide details of how they will engage in promotion and dissemination.

– Communicate with PPLI for the successful implementation of the module.

– Provide any further required details within specified deadlines (e.g. school’s bank account details required for the payment of grant funds, for successful applicants).


Participation is not guaranteed to all applying schools, and the Department/PPLI will establish a panel to evaluate applications based on the following criteria:

– Submission of a complete application form by the deadline.

– Diversity in the target languages applied for.

– School has internal staff capacity to deliver the module.

– School can provide contact details of teacher/tutor.

– School has previously met the requirements of the programme and provided feedback as requested.

– School can provide details in support of their application to highlight how they will engage in promotion and dissemination of their chosen language.

– School committed to encouraging teacher/tutor and hosting teachers to participate in training.

– School committed to providing feedback and facilitating school visits. 

-Commitment to deliver the module within specified timeframes and for the full number of hours. 

-Commitment to communicate with PPLI.

The Department will seek to ensure that there is a geographical spread of schools and a range of school contexts when finalising the successful applicants. School will be evaluated on the above criteria and priority will be given to schools with the highest marks.

Schools selected to participate in the programme will be notified by PPLI by Thursday 30th June 2022