Language Summer Camps 2022

Language Summer Camps 2022

This summer, we have funded four Chinese, Lithuanian, Polish and Romanian two-week Summer Camps across the country. Summer Camps are an opportunity for heritage language speakers to learn more about their language and culture or for beginners to discover a new language. The camps make learning a language fun through a wide range of activities. 


With 17 participants, the first to kick off the camp marathon at the end of June was a Romanian summer camp in Dublin. For two weeks, campers were involved in many projects and activities. The camp program included production of a film showcasing the experience in the camp, learning traditional Romanian artistry like painting wooden spoons, learning a traditional poem and much more.  


For the second year in a row a Polish summer camp took place in Cullies, County Cavan. 15 students had a very busy and fun schedule with a special theme each day. Activities included trying on traditional Polish costumes, learning about famous Polish artists and scientists, and discovering interesting facts about Polish culture.


This summer welcomed two new language summer camps. 

16 students joined a Lithuanian camp that took place in Monaghan in July. Participants enjoyed a wide range of activities such as learning about Lithuanian traditions, tasting various dishes, meeting a professional basketball player who taught them new tricks in a basketball court and a day trip to Dublin to visit the Lithuanian embassy.


Another new camp for Chinese language was coordinated by the School of Applied Languages and Intercultural Studies at Dublin City University. DCU is the first third-level institution to coordinate a summer camp funded by Languages Connect. With 41 participants in total, the camp demonstrated a high interest in the Chinese language, with students participating in activities such as painting Chinese characters, designing T-shirts with Chinese symbols and images, and singing traditional songs.