ELC Competition Winners

ELC Competition Winners

Congratulations to the two winners of our Euro Languages College competition, An Dinh and Eve Wall, who have each won an amazing prize of an 18-day summer residential course at the ELC this Summer. Choosing either French, German or Spanish, the prize offers a fantastic opportunity to make new friends, improve students’ language skills while having fun!  

Students were asked to submit a video detailing their dream term abroad in the language they are learning including some potential adventures they may have.

Eve from Bremore Educate Together, Dublin submitted an impressive video in Spanish describing her love for the Spanish language, culture and food. Eve explained that her dream term abroad would be spent in the beautiful city of Málaga, recognising the best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in it. She also highlighted that she has friends in Málaga that she would love to see again while experiencing the vibrant social life as well as the history, the sun and the sea! 

An from Christ King Secondary School, Cork submitted an insightful video in French describing her dream year in France. She described her love for French music as well as science, having taken part in the BT Young Scientist Exhibition . She would love to go somewhere in France that has beautiful scenery, lots of history and great food. Her dream begins when a handsome man sits opposite her on a train in France and it is love at first sight! She joins his band on tour and they eventually get married and buy a castle in Côte d’Azur. A more realistic dream of An’s is to go to a French High School, make some new friends and eat a lot of good food. ,

The two lucky winners will stay in a boarding school in either Cork, Westmeath, Limerick or Clare and be fully immersed in their chosen language with a balance of classroom learning and fun-filled activities. We are sure An and Eve will have a great experience at ELC and look forward to hearing all about it!  The standard of submissions this year was extremely high and although only two winners could be selected, there are still lots of fun opportunities for students to improve language skills this summer, including a number of language summer camps funded by Languages Connect which will be taking place across various locations this summer – more info will be released soon so stay tuned!