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Find out what languages learning options are open to you at Third Level – from full degrees, to modules, electives and exciting opportunities to study abroad.

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There are so many options for studying foreign languages at Third Level in Ireland. You might opt for a full-on Applied Languages degree, or take your favourite language as a minor or elective. No matter what way you pursue your language studies, it will give you a richer college experience and broaden your future opportunities.

Together with Careers Portal and the Third Level institutes around Ireland, Languages Connect have developed a database of college course that include foreign language subjects at Major, Minor and electives. So whether you want to study Veterinary with French or Astrophysics with Chinese, you’ll be able to find the right course for you!

Using your languages to study abroad is a life-enriching experience!

“I studied Japanese and French at Leaving Cert and was lucky enough to be chosen for an exchange to Japan at the age of sixteen and had a three weeks adventure being immersed in Japanese culture. I thought it was going to be a ‘once in a lifetime experience’ until I chose to study Japanese and French in college as well. I spent my third year in Kyoto, Japan eating delicious food, going to traditional festivals, bathing in natural springs, travelling around tropical islands, discovering new hobbies like photography and surfing – and studying! I had fun improving my language skills and cultural awareness with Japanese friends as well as international classmates.

Studying languages has given me unforgettable experiences, a broader world view and the skills and knowledge needed to work in the fast growing global market place.”

Claire Long, Graduate BA Applied Languages and Translation Studies, Japanese and French

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The international office at your HEI will be able to assist you find out more, and please check out Erasmus+ opportunities – click here

The international section of the Department of Education and Skills has useful information to help you – click here

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