Leaving Cert Language Classes

Leaving Cert Language Classes

Saturday Classes 2023/2024

Registration is now open for Leaving Cert Language Saturday Classes starting this September. We are delighted to be offering two new online classes in Polish and Japanese.

June 2022 saw approximately 1450 students sit four new curricular language leaving certificate exams: Chinese, Lithuanian, Polish and Portuguese. We are continuing to offer Saturday classes for these languages, as well as Japanese, Russian, Portuguese and Romanian.

This registration is for incoming 5th year students who will sit the LC Exams in 2025. The Leaving Cert course will be covered over a two-year period, meaning students should register before they begin 5th year.

Organised by PPLI and funded by the Department of Education, these classes are in lesser-taught languages. They support students around Ireland to prepare for the Leaving Certificate exams. Classes are free of charge for students and take place on Saturdays during school term time. 

For more information on what language classes are available and how to register visit Leaving Cert Language Classes  

Leaving Cert Language Saturday Classes