Say Yes to Languages

Say Yes to Languages

Module extended for third year!

April 2023: Minister for Education Norma Foley TD has invited primary schools to apply to participate in the Say Yes to Languages module in the 2023/24 school year.

The Say Yes to Languages sampler module introduces primary pupils to a new language, by facilitating schools to introduce either a Modern Foreign Language (MFL) of their choice or Irish Sign Language (ISL). Full details are available in the Department of Education Circular 0021/2023

Primary pupils with language passports

Over 800 schools involved since 2021

Say Yes to Languages is delivered to pupils from third to sixth class and runs for eight hours, over a period of eight weeks. Participating schools are eligible for a grant from the Department of Education of €400 per classroom, up to a maximum of €1,600 per school.

Having demonstrated great success over the past two years – with almost eight hundred schools taking part – the module is now being offered to schools for a third year.

Huge Variety of Languages Chosen

The number of languages chosen by schools has risen from 13 in 2021/22 to 15 in 2022/23: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Irish Sign Language, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Tamil, and Ukrainian.

Minister Foley said: “Language is one of the key means by which we think, express our thoughts, communicate and connect with others. Through introducing a Modern Foreign Language or Irish Sign Language in their classroom, schools can enrich pupils’ awareness of diverse cultures in our communities, in Ireland and internationally and support pupils’ development, active citizenship, inclusion and future learning and employment opportunities.

“It has been very heartening to see so many primary schools signing up to participate in the Say Yes to Languages module over the past two years and the wide range of languages they have chosen, including Ukrainian. I am delighted to now be inviting schools to apply to take part in 2023 / 2024 and encourage them to avail of this opportunity.

“Learning a Modern Foreign Language (MFL) will form part of the primary school experience for pupils over the coming years, in line with the newly-published Primary Curriculum Framework. The future inclusion of foreign languages in the primary curriculum will be informed by the delivery of the Say Yes to Languages module and we look forward to another successful running of the project in 2023/24.”

Training and Resources Provided

Tutors teaching the module can be primary and post-primary teachers, but also members of the wider community, including parents.
Schools select a suitable teacher/tutor, and, to help with the task, Post-Primary Languages Ireland (PPLI) can share details of over 1,000 potential teachers/tutors who have to date registered their interest in teaching the module.

Training sessions are provided by Post-Primary Languages Ireland (PPLI) to all teachers/tutors delivering the module, while information sessions are also facilitated for hosting teachers and other school representatives. Awareness raising packs are also sent out to all participating schools to complement the teaching resources.

For more information about the Say Yes to Languages module, click here

Applications for the module in 2023/24 are now closed. Successful applicants will be informed in the coming weeks.