HEI Funding Terms and Conditions

HEI Funding Terms and Conditions

Academic Year 2024 – 2025

Funding Purposes:

  • The funding is for approved proposals only. There are to be no changes without prior approval
  • Promotion of Irish and English language are excluded
  • Funding cannot be spent on staff costs, except for student ambassadors.
  • Funding cannot be spent on student bursaries
  • Funding cannot be spent on staff activities
  • Only one proposal per HEI is permitted
  • All initiatives that receive funding must be owned by the HEI, not an individual, and must be promoted on official websites, social media, etc.
  • The PPLI project officer must be informed of all events in advance and where feasible, the project officer will attend

Pay Rates: 

  • The funding cannot be used to pay full time staff.
  • Student language ambassadors must be paid a maximum of €20 per hour.
  • Workshop facilitators can be paid a maximum of €50 per hour
  • Workshop providers should not be paid more than the above rate. Workshop providers should be paid for the workshop hours they provide i.e. minimum 1 hour and a maximum of 6 hours per day as per the school day
  • Funding is not to be used to cover travel and subsistence costs.

Funding Payment:

  • 50% of approved funding will be transferred at the beginning of Semester 1.
  • The outstanding 50% will be transferred after a satisfactory Interim Report has been submitted by the coordinator no later than Friday 6th December 2024
  • The Interim Report must provide an update on activity originally proposed, including what has taken place for #ThinkLanguages, and the remaining planned activity.

Promotion and Branding:

  • All funded activities need to be publicly promoted using all channels available including, but not limited to, local media, HEI website and social platforms, any relevant partner platforms etc. An email to a select number of schools alone is not sufficient.
  • Promotion of any funded activity must include the Languages Connect logo, in addition to the HEI logo, and correct use of logo must be approved by the PPLI project officer
  • Use of the Languages Connect logo needs to adhere to the relevant Languages Connect brand guidelines
  • For any relevant merchandise or printed material development, please submit the final design to PPLI for approval before going to print.
  • Promotion of approved and funded activity via social media must go out on an official HEI account i.e. main HEI account or Languages Department account. Promoting it on a personal account is a bonus, but not adequate.
  • All social media posts must tag Languages Connect ( X – @langsconnect_ie Instagram –@languagesconnect, Facebook – Languages Connect )
  • High resolution photos from events, etc. should be sent to the PPLI project officer soon after the event.


PPLI reserves the right to withdraw or withhold funding in the event that any of the criteria or terms and conditions are not adhered to.