HEI Funding FAQs

HEI Funding FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about HEI Funding are available down below. 

The maximum amount that can be applied for is €10,000 per HEI. Only one application is permitted per HEI and departments are encouraged to collaborate on the application, and supporting proposal, where relevant.

Funding is to help HEIs promote the importance of languages to second level students and to encourage them to either study languages, or study languages in combination with other subjects.

We encourage HEIs to spend approximately half of their allocated funding to activities in support of #ThinkLanguages. This will be taken into account when applications are being assessed. Several other activities can support this, such as those outlined in the criteria.

This funding is being made available as part of the awareness-raising campaign, Languages Connect which is a key action in the implementation of Languages Connect: Ireland’s Strategy for Foreign Languages in Education 2017-2026, within which outlines requirements to:

a. to promote greater uptake on any of your undergraduate or post-graduate college courses that include a foreign language component.

b. to promote the value of taking a foreign language in college.

c. to host events that promote the above.

d. to send students into schools as language ambassadors to give e.g. talks or workshops at events such as #ThinkLanguages.

e. to promote opportunities for students to participate in foreign language study opportunities and work placements abroad.

f. to raise awareness of the value of linguistic diversity on campus.

Funding can only be used to promote modern foreign languages. Promotion of the Irish and English language are excluded. Funding cannot be used to pay full time HEI staff, nor can it be spent on staff activities or student bursaries 

For further details on what the funding can and cannot not be used for, please review the T&Cs 

Funding is to be spent, and activities to take place, during the academic year of 2024/2025.

Only one application per HEI is permitted. The supporting proposal can include initiatives from several different departments. MFL colleagues, both within your own department, and any other relevant department/campus in your HEI, must be made aware of the funding so that there is an opportunity for all of them to contribute to the proposal.

Yes, all funded activities should be publicly promoted using all channels available including, but not limited to, local media, HEI website and social platforms, and any relevant partner platforms. HEIs should also tag Languages Connect on all relevant posts. For more on this please refer to our T&Cs

Yes. Applicants must outline how they plan to involve their HEI in #ThinkLanguages, which runs from Monday 18th November to Friday 22nd November 2024, in their application. We encourage HEIs to spend approximately half of their allocated funding to activities in support of #ThinkLanguages. This will be taken into account when applications are being assessed 

50% of approved funding will be transferred at the beginning of Semester 1. The outstanding 50% will be transferred after a satisfactory Interim Report has been submitted by the coordinator.  

Yes. An Interim Report which outlines an update on activity originally proposed, including what has taken place for #ThinkLanguages, and the remaining planned activity, will be required from HEIs no later than Friday 6th December 2024.

An Annual Report which outlines all activity that has taken place because of the funding including relevant imagery, as well as evidence of expenditure must be submitted by Friday 30th May 2025.

Applicants will be informed if their application, and supporting proposal, has been successful by Friday 28 June.